When your pet boards with us, it gets the same level of care that our hospitalized patients get. Boarding at our practice is an advantage over other boarding facilities, because our staff knows your pet and its medical history. If your pet needs special attention or medication it will be done.

Our staff members have a higher level of training and experience that can be obtained only by working at a veterinary hospital. This means that even subtle changes in your pet will be recognized. This is important because pets can’t always tell us what’s wrong. These signs can be easily missed by a big boarding facility that may have inexperienced staff. Boarding at a veterinary hospital allows your pet immediate access to a veterinarian, even on weekends.

Your pet will receive individualized care and attention at our practice. That includes taking your dog out into our play yard for one on one play and exercise time. Rest assured your pet with be well cared for and have great time with us!